Hair Test


Tired of experiencing uncomfortable symptoms with no apparent cause? Frustrated by countless doctors’ visits, needle pricks and blood tests that haven’t provided substantial results?

This simple hair test may be just what you need to help you discover what’s been triggering your symptoms. By analyzing a few strands of hair, this process tests for 750 items in total: 650 are foods, non-food items, minerals, and environmental agents, 50 are related to metal toxicity, and 50 are nutritional deficiencies.

How It Works:

  1. Upon completing your purchase, a downloadable form will be emailed to you along with your receipt.
  2. Download, print, and fill out the form. For optimal results, pull 5-6 strands of hair from the root to be tested.
  3. Place strands of hair in a Ziploc or other resealable bag and close securely.
  4. Send your sample and completed test form according to the provided mailing instructions.

We aim to return all test results within 10 business days.

Within each category, the items you tested positive for are broken down into three levels: (1) Sensitivity; (2) Intolerance; and (3) Allergy (more severe). After reviewing the results, you can make the appropriate modifications in your lifestyle to help reduce your symptoms.

Let our hair test help you discover the causes of your discomforts and take the next step towards a more enjoyable, symptom-free life today.

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