Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a massage?

If this is your first massage, arrive early to complete a health questionnaire. Since massage is considered healthcare, this questionnaire is required by law.

If you experience pain or discomfort during the massage, let the therapist know immediately so pressure can be adjusted. Massage therapy may produce side effects such as muscle soreness, mild bruising, increased awareness of areas of pain and light-headedness, among other possible temporary outcomes.

Don’t eat a big meal before coming for a massage. Since you’ll be on your stomach for about half of the massage and we’ll be pushing on your back, you might be a little uncomfortable.

Don’t wear a lot of jewelry or a lot of makeup to your massage. It takes a lot of time to remove the jewelry and your makeup may smear.

State law requires that you must remain covered/draped during the massage.

Massage therapists do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, including erectile dysfunction. You need to consult with your doctor.

If you are diabetic, check your blood glucose after a massage, as your blood sugar may drop. Bring a snack in case your blood sugar drops during the massage.

Don’t plan on donating blood the same day as a massage. Massage increases your circulation. If you donate blood afterwards, the blood will come out very quickly and you will not feel very well.

If you plan on going out after a massage, remember that your circulation has increased. If you drink alcohol, you may find that you will feel the effects of alcohol more quickly with less amount of alcohol.

After a massage, increase your intake of water over the next several days to help flush out toxins. Also, drink some water several days before your massage to make your muscles more elastic so the massage isn’t uncomfortable.

Please respect other’s relaxation time and turn off cell phones.

What should I do if I have a hairy back?

Many men come in for massages with hairy backs. We use a little extra lotion to glide over your skin. Please do not shave your back before coming in. It’s very painful for our fingers!

Do I need to undress for the massage?

Most people undress down to their underwear. Some people remove all of their clothes, while others remain fully clothed.

Do people fall asleep during a massage?

Yes, some people fall asleep during a massage and even snore!

Do people talk during a massage?

Some people talk throughout the massage. Other people talk at the beginning of the massage and again at the end of the massage. It’s best to keep talking down to a minimum so you can relax.

Is it customary to tip the massage therapist?

Tips are not required, but they are very much appreciated. Cash tips are accepted as are tips added to your check or credit card.

Can I get a massage if I have had botox?

You can have a massage, but we cannot work that area at least for one week. If the botox was injected in your face, you will not be able to lay prone with your head in the facerest for at least one week.

What are those knots?

Sometimes people complain of “knots.” These knots are constrictions in the muscle fibers. Because the fibers are tight, blood is not able to flow through the muscles easily. The blood provides nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Waste removal is difficult with constricted fibers, sometimes causing calcium deposits.

Why do I have so much stress in my neck?

Many of our jobs include working at the computer all day, including texting, Facebooking and computer games. Bending over at an awkward angle for hours at a time leads to bad posture and musculoskeletal problems in the future. If our head stays in a neutral position, the force on the cervical spine is 10 to 12 pounds. If we bend our neck 15 degrees, the force on the cervical spine is 27 pounds; 30 degrees – 40 pounds; 45 degrees – 49 pounds; 60 degrees – 60 pounds. That means that the muscles around your neck and shoulder are trying to hold 60 pounds in an unnatural position for an extended period of time.

How can I maximize the benefits of massage?

Turn left – Turning on your left side before your massage stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain and gets the body ready for movement. When the massage begins, you can easily lay flat on the table.
Eat/Drink – Eat a light snack and drink water after a massage to bring yourself back into your body.
Remember the Experience – Soak up the smells
Remain Slow and Purposeful – The body is in a relaxed state after massage. Continue this relaxation by moving slowly.
Take a Power Nap – A quick 20-minute nap or being still helps the body to integrate the benefits of the massage.
Turn If Off – Turn off the technology and enjoy the endorphins going through your body.
Return Slowly – You may feel a little spaced out after a massage. That’s normal. Gradually return to your responsibilities.
Cultivate Your Relaxed State – You will be in a more creative state rather than a productive state. Take advantage of this state and brainstorm and problem solve instead of running errands, answering phone calls and emails.
Continue the Session – If you feel something starting to tighten up, give it a quick massage.

Have other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer any questions that you may have!


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