Like Humans, Animals Need Massage

Massage can be a useful supplement to the treatments that are traditionally administered by a vet. Although it cannot replace veterinary medicine, massage is just as good for animals as it is for humans. Massage can help animals to relax, loosen their muscles, and relieve their pain and stiffness. Other animal concerns that benefit from massage include stress, circulation, immune health, joint health, agility, alignment, endorphin release, blood pressure, and digestion. Although dogs and horses are the most common animals to receive massage therapy, other pets and animals also can benefit from massage.

Our Equissage® Certified Equine and Canine Sports Massage Therapist will work with your veterinarian to ensure your animal’s safety.



Equine Massage

When is Equine Massage recommended?

Before an event, massage can loosen and warm your horse’s muscles to help safeguard against injury. After an event, massage is great to relieve your horse’s muscle pain and stiffness. A regular schedule of massage therapy for your horse will help maintain overall good health.

What are the Benefits of Equine Massage?

  • Enhances your horse’s muscle tone
  • Increases your horse’s range of motion
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints of your horse
  • Eases muscle spasms in your horse
  • Relieves your horse’s tension and relaxes muscles
  • Stimulates your horse’s circulation by relaxing the muscles, thereby releasing endorphins – natural pain killers
  • Improves circulation, which promotes rapid healing of injuries
  • Promotes healing in your horse by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles, carrying away excessive fluids and toxins
  • Increases your horse’s production of synovial fluids in the joints
  • Lengthens connective tissue in your horse; breaks down/prevents the formation of adhesions and reduces the danger of fibrosis
  • Helps maintain your horse’s whole body in better physical condition

What are the Benefits of Equine Sports Massage?

  • Aids in preventing injuries and loss of mobility in your horse
  • Boosts your horse’s athletic performance and endurance
  • Restores mobility to injured muscle tissue in your horse
  • Extends both the good health and the overall life of your horse’s athletic career
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Canine Massage

What are the Benefits of Canine Massage?

Massage is great as a preventive measure for younger dogs and as part of rehabilitation for older dogs by boosting flexibility, circulation and immunity.

  • Improves your dog’s circulation
  • Enhances your dog’s muscle tone and increases its range of motion
  • Promotes your dog’s healing by increasing the flow of nutrients to the muscles, carrying away excessive fluids and toxins
  • Helps maintain your dog’s whole body in better physical condition
  • Increases flexibility of your dog’s soft tissue
  • Reduces edema in your dog
  • Prevents atrophy in your dog’s active muscles
  • Improves your dog’s athletic performance and agility
  • Loosens and softens your dog’s scar tissue
  • Stimulates your dog’s circulation by relaxing muscles, thereby releasing endorphins – natural pain killers
  • Lengthens your dog’s connective tissue and reduces formation of adhesions leading to fibrosis

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