Cat Got Your Tongue?

26 May 2020
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CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? Ever get tongue-tied while speaking and someone asks you if the “cat got your tongue?”  Did you know that there is actually a condition called “tongue-tie?”  The official name for tongue-tie is ankyloglossia.  Ankyloglossia is when a short, thick, tight band of tissue (the lingual frenulum) limits tongue movement. Correct Tongue Position The tongue needs to be in a specific position in the mouth when we are not eating or speaking.  The correct resting position of the tongue is at the top of the mouth, about ½ inch behind the front teeth. Your entire tongue should be pressed against the roof of your mouth.  Your lips.


12 May 2020
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  During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve heard so many people complaining of ear and head pain due to wearing face masks for long periods of time. One way to reduce ear pain is to not wrap the elastic around your ear. Connect the elastic strips together by some type of clip in the back of your head or wrap it around your hair. Many facial and scalp muscles connect in the area around the ear. By restricting movement of those muscles, it can cause a headache, earache or facial pain. You may not be able to limit the amount of time that you need to wear a face mask, but.

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