Ear Pain


During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve heard so many people complaining of ear and head pain due to wearing face masks for long periods of time. One way to reduce ear pain is to not wrap the elastic around your ear. Connect the elastic strips together by some type of clip in the back of your head or wrap it around your hair.

Many facial and scalp muscles connect in the area around the ear. By restricting movement of those muscles, it can cause a headache, earache or facial pain.

You may not be able to limit the amount of time that you need to wear a face mask, but you can help reduce the muscle pain. Gently take two fingers and massage around your ear on the skull. You will feel a ridge surrounding the ear. Place one finger above and the other finger below this ridge. Keep working all the way around your ear until you can feel loosening of your tissues.

If you are familiar with meridian work (a part of Eastern Medicine), these two lines around the ear are the Gall Bladder meridian and the Triple Heater meridian. The Gall Bladder meridian helps with decision making. The Triple Heater meridian helps boost the immune system. The Bladder meridian travels from head to toe, affecting all of the systems in the body.

You can use a similar technique on your scalp and face. Use all four fingers and put them on your scalp or face. Gently move your skin back and forth until you feel the muscles release. The muscles in this area are not that deep, so you don’t need to use a lot of pressure.

I hope that these techniques help reduce your ear pain.