After the year we’ve had, we could all benefit from more self-care in 2021. Luckily, taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be hard. Take a look at these five easy self-care resolutions for a happier and healthier new year.

Make Sleep a Priority

We’ve all been guilty of staying up late to accomplish a goal or to hang out with loved ones. However, make 2021 the year you prioritize sleep. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do to care for your body since it aids in restoring energy, reducing stress, and improving your mood. Establish a bedtime and develop a nighttime routine to ensure that you’re getting high-quality sleep.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness entails intentionally placing your attention on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness is known to improve mental health, physical, and overall well-being. You can practice anywhere for any length of time. You can start by meditating a few minutes a day and gradually increase your time spent meditating throughout the year. Always remember to be kind to your wandering thoughts; it is going to happen. Simply refocus your mind back to the present moment and keep going.

Adjust Your Morning Routine

The way you start your morning can set the tone for your entire day. Do you frequently hit snooze on your alarm clock? Do you frequently skip breakfast? This year, it’s time to make a change. Even though you don’t have to get up at sunrise to ensure a successful day, waking up earlier than you usually do can help improve your day. Make time for breakfast, and maybe workout before work. Incorporate small changes into your morning routine for a better 2021.

Make Time For Fun

Our society places a significant amount of importance on being busy and not enough on making time for leisure activities. It’s possible to make time for work and play. This year, schedule some time to do some of your favorite leisure activities. That can mean anything from going on a beach vacation to staying at home to work on your hobby. Regardless of what you like to do for fun, make time for it in 2021.

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