Safety first!  There can be too much of a good thing.  Several recent headlines have reported people being injured by using essential oils. Essential oils are a good thing…when used correctly.  Do your research before using an essential oil because essential oils are more than a fragrance. These oils are highly concentrated, meaning that you do not need many drops.

Several things you will need to consider before using an essential oil: 

Health (allergies, pregnancy, cancer, pregnancy, etc.)

Medications (blood thinners, etc.)

People around you (they could be sensitive to the scents)

Seizures (some of the stronger oils could trigger seizures)

Going outside? (citrus-based essential oils can cause light sensitivity)

Age (those very young and the elderly)

And many more reasons


How to use essential oils:

Essential oils are used in three ways:  external/topical application, internal application and inhalation. CAUTION: Read the label. Not all essential oils can be used topically or internally.

Try it on the bottom of your foot first to see if you have a reaction.

If you are using the oil topically, dilute it with a carrier oil (something simple as olive oil in your kitchen cabinet).  CAUTION:  The oil can still cause redness and irritation. If it does cause redness or irritation, don not continue to use it.

Put a drop of oil in your hand or a few drops in a diffuser (don’t get carried away, you only need a few drops).  CAUTION:  Some warmer oils (cinnamon/clove/oregano) can irritate the lungs. Some cooler oils (peppermint/eucalyptus) can cause problems with people who have COPD. The menthol effect of these oils can open up the lungs and the person can stop breathing.  Also, infants and the elderly may have sensitivity to these oils.

What if I Get an Essential Oil in My Eye:

Your first reaction might be to rinse your eye with water.  Unfortunately, oil and water don’t mix. Water will actually cause the irritation to get worse. Use olive oil to dilute the essential oil in your eye.

Resources for Essential Oils:

The FDA prohibits essential oil distributors for making any claims about the oils. If you want more details on essential oils, search the internet. The links listed below are an excellent source for information about essential oils.


Life Science Publishing

Essential Oils Desk Reference


Abundant Health

Reference Guide for Essential Oils

Reference Guide for Essential Oils APP – Abundant Health LLC


Enjoy your essential oils…but first, make an informed decision.