While many people find a professional massage to be relaxing and invigorating, there are those that feel it is just too much. When you feel like a massage is too intense for you — but you really want the benefits of a therapeutic massage — there are a few things you can do to make the most of the experience. 

How to deal with the intensity of a massage


Remaining hydrated before a massage helps your body prepare for the intense bodywork that may be required. If you are extra sensitive, your muscles will be a little more pliable if you are hydrated. As the massage separates muscle fibers, hydration ensures that they do not bond together seconds after the massage therapist moves away from that area. 

Plus, it is uncomfortable to press into these muscles, separating the fibers with no viscosity. Most people feel a little sore after a massage, but you don’t want to feel aches and pains.


During any massage, a massage therapist is trained to communicate with the client and listen to feedback. If the massage is too intense, let the therapist know. This is the best time to make a change, and the therapist can use different techniques to give you the results you deserve. 


You may want to stretch before your appointment. This is a simple way for you to loosen the fascia around your body and make your muscles more pliable. When you begin a massage with quite a lot of tension, it is difficult to avoid discomfort because the muscle fibers must be separated and massaged. 

A simple stretch just before the appointment also pairs well with a glass of water.

With Pain, There’s No Gain 

Myofascial work and compression allow for a bit of pressure to relieve discomfort without the intensity of more traditional massage techniques. Feel free to ask about myofascial work as an alternative when you want a massage but the sensation is often too intense. 

Ultimately, the “no pain, no gain” philosophy is simply not healthy. If a massage hurts, you do not need to continue. There is a difference between releasing tension to relieve pain and forcing the pain out of your body with a massage technique you don’t prefer.

Try Noninvasive Bodywork

If you fall into the “a massage will never feel good” category, we understand. However, you might want to try some noninvasive bodywork on your hands, feet, and scalp. A simple massage of this sort is much less intense, and it may give you all the relaxation you need. Moreover, these massages feel wonderful if you have an intense job, work with your hands, or spend all day on your feet. 

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