February 15, 2016

PROBLEM:   I’ve got knots/lumps in my muscles.

WHAT KNOTS ARE NOT:  At one time, it was thought that knots were from a build-up of lactic acid (lactic acidosis).  Lactic acidosis is a result of intense exercise.  When you exercise, your body uses oxygen to break down glucose for energy.  During vigorous and extended activity (i.e. running a marathon), enough oxygen may not be available.  When oxygen levels drop, the body metabolizes glucose anaerobically for energy, leading to lactate formation.   Normally the body processes out the lactate quickly, but under extreme conditions, lactate may build up.    (Sometimes lactic acidosis can be a side effect of medication or from a disease process).    The soreness in your muscles several days after strenuous exercise is not caused by lactic acid, but rather by the many microtears that occurred during the activity.

WHAT KNOTS ARE:   Knots are constrictions in the muscle fibers.  Since the fibers are matted together, blood is not able to flow through the muscles easily.  The blood provides nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and removes waste.  Waste removal is difficult with constricted fibers, sometimes causing calcium depots.   Lymphatic fluid movement is also restricted.   These muscle constrictions can cause pain, refer pain to other areas, cause headaches and restrict range of motion.

SOLUTION:   Massage helps to elongate muscles after they have constricted from doing repetitive tasks or exercise.  If you have specific illness or injury, massages are scheduled at regular intervals until you feel relief.     Just like performing preventive maintenance on your car, you need to bring your body in for preventive care every season (every three months).

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