Spring has sprung

The flowers exclaim!

The leaves are young,

Grass needs to be tamed.

Hours of yardwork

Are waiting for you.

Muscles may smirk

From all that you do!


As the temperature gets warmer and we start shedding our layers of clothing, we start planning various backyard adventures.   Unfortunately, many of us have been sedentary over the winter months.   We may be tempted to participate in a marathon backyard weekend project, which usually leads to a doctor’s visit the following Monday.


Tips for a pain and injury-free project:

  • Hydrate before starting your project.
  • Warm up muscles.
  • Stretch muscles.
  • Pace yourself doing the task.  Make frequent and lighter loads. Change your position.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Keep hydrated during your project.


Twisting and overreaching can lead to twisting and shouting!   Pulled muscles can take a year to heal.   If you do injure yourself, scheduling a massage immediately following the injury can speed up your recovery time.


Walk The Trail to Good Health !


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Be well….